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Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaners In Mapperley

Your commercial carpets are constantly being trod through and mud from outside is being brought through - and that's ignoring the underlying dust that carpets harness anyway. Our team at Just Like Nu, as professional commercial carpet cleaners in Mapperley, can bring your tired carpets back to life.

Our team have seen it all. Tea spillages, cement or any other messy surprise left on your carpets will no doubt leave stains. Our job is to remove them using our professional cleaning service. We use the latest equipment available to us to guarantee that we leave your commercial property in the best state possible.

When you call upon our highly-trained team, we will firstly vacuum your carpet to rid the surface of any visible debris. Then we will move on to spraying and agitating. This process will bring up the bulk of the dirt and effectively shampoo the fibres of the carpet. It's then rinsed, hoovered again and combed to give you a soft and fully-cleaned surface.

Our carpet machines are sourced for their detergent free solutions and non-toxic, biodegradable chemicals. Which means you can rest assured you are getting a quality service that isn't harmful to the environment.

To find out more about our service or draw up a quote for your commercial carpet cleaning, get in touch with us today.